Business Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Modern business demands up-to-date, accurate financial information. We can relieve you and your staff of the enormous burden of all your accounting and bookkeeping requirements, including the preparation of your annual accounts and periodic management accounts for tax, business appraisal, planning purposes, and more.

Using BankLink software we can process all your financial transactions quickly and efficiently saving you significant time and cost.

We will discuss your requirements with you and provide information relevant to your particular situation, as well as constructive advice, on a regular basis.


We can save you significant cost and time by processing all of your financial transactions efficiently with BankLink  Software.

No need for you to purchase your own expensive accounting software.

BankLink is a recognised leader in providing bank transactional data. We receive data on a daily basis from which we prepare your GST returns, annual accounts and income tax returns. The software even remembers the coding for recurring items saving you time and bother having to code and send your bank statements to  us.

Business Coaching and Mentor Service

There is a lot more to successfully operating a business than simply providing a service or supplying a product.

The good thing is it doesn’t have to be complicated and many things will seem like common sense – the key is to identify the important factors and apply a disciplined approach to implementation.

Partner with us to work through a defined business improvement plan tailored to the specific features of your business and which recognises your own strengths and skills.

Small Business Accounting

We provide a full range of accounting and tax services tailored to meet the particular requirements of your business.

Our expertise in assisting clients over many years will not only help you in meeting compliance obligations but will also provide you with the information and support you need to successfully manage and grow your business.

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Payroll Services

Administering your payroll can be time-consuming and divert you from your core business activities. Added to this, payroll and employment legislation are growing increasingly complex.

We can relieve you of this burden by providing a comprehensive, confidential payroll service that includes:

  • Customised payslips
  • Administration of Employer Information, PAYE, statutory sick pay, and annual leave
  • IR-filing to the IRD
  • Summaries and analyses of staff costs
  • Administration of incentive schemes, bonuses, and termination payments

Even if you only have a few employees, you will save by engaging us to administer your payroll.

Business Startup

If you have a good idea for a new business venture but don’t have expertise in the financial or legal aspects, we can help you:

  • Decide on the most suitable structure for your business – Sole trader, partnership, or limited company
  • Prepare a business plan, cash flow projections, budgets, and trading forecasts
  • Assess your finance requirements and advise on the appropriate sources of finance
  • Establish a good working relationship with your bank
  • Set up a recording system for your internal use and for complying with statutory requirements


A good budget is a necessity for a good business plan. It is one of the best business tools you can have, enabling you to set financial targets and measure your performance.

The techniques we utilise to form financial projections enable you to consider future scenarios and provide you with goals to strive for in your business.

In addition to goal-setting value, budgets will often improve your chances of acquiring funding. Financiers often require forecasts as a prerequisite for funding approval. Cash flow forecasting is a vital part of ensuring your business will always have the cash it needs, because profits don’t pay bills – Cash does.

There are several types of budgets. We can help you design the right budget for your requirements. Let us show you how a budget and a cash flow forecast can provide feedback that enables you to prepare for the future of your business!

Management Consulting

We aim to ensure your business achieves the potential it is capable of. We have the know-how and experience to offer advice that helps you run your business more effectively.

We are practiced in acting as a sounding board for management, bringing years of experience in business growth to the relationship. Our professional consultants identify the key performance indicators in your business and help you bring about the required changes.

We check your business is as competitive, focused, and profitable as it can be, then offer flexible strategies designed to address the issues affecting your business.

Let us give your business a health check! Take the practical advice we can provide and ensure the ongoing success of your venture.

Software Solutions

Be it Xero, MYOB  or one of a number of other software packages let us help you make the right choice of accounting software. A good user-friendly accounting system will help you manage your business confidently and let you complete GST returns easily.

Choosing the right system for your business can be difficult. After all, there are over sixty accounting packages available in New Zealand. Use our experience to select the best accounting solution for your business.

Strategic Planning

The pressures of daily business can often mean strategic planning takes a back seat, but to have a successful business, it is vital to plan ahead. We’ll help you establish a strategic plan that examines where you want your business to be in the next 3-5 years and exactly how you and your team can achieve these aims and objectives.

Your strategic plan will:

  • Define the characteristics of your company in three to five years
  • Identify your competitors
  • Define your objectives and financial goals
  • Include an effective implementation strategy to achieve your goals

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